Blood Money Contracts Offer Big Loot in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

It’s another great week to be a Red Dead Online player. Throughout the balance of the week, players taking part in RDO Blood Money Contracts will be able to secure some sweet rewards and there are, as always, other great ways to take home the bacon.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store through the week:

  • 30% off Kladruber Horses, Vests, Shirts, and Corsets
  • 40% off all Role Emotes, the Semi-Automatic Shotgun, and Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • 50% off all Provisions and Consumables at the Butcher and General Store
  • Double XP on Blood Money Contracts
  • an Offer of 30% off an Ability Card Upgrade for completing any contract in full
  • taking part in Crimes offers an increased chance of discovering Capitale
  • the Quick Draw Club No. 2 is still available with 25 ranks of rewards and a Reward for The Halloween Pass 2 for all who buy all four installments
  • Prime Gaming Benefits including a free Hat up to Rank 15 and 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle and 30% off Camp Equipment

Check out all of the details by visiting the Red Dead Online official site.

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