Cartoon Network Excites Fans with Two New Console Title Announcements

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has twitterpated console users around the globe with an announcement about two new titles in development. One title is an original while the other is based on Steven Universe.

The Sneaky Folks at Cartoon Network

So you’re probably asking yourself what are these new games. Are you surprised we’re going to tell you? Yeah, didn’t think so.

The first title is a console RPG based on Steven Universe. It will be a sequel to Attack the Light as well as being the work of the show’s creator. Cartoon Network hasn’t said what consoles it will be available for, but it is planned for 2017.

Steven Universe RPG

The second game is an original that will tie-in to a new television show. Called OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, the game is being developed by an indie studio. “K.O.” is an “endlessly optimistic kid trying to level up and be the best he can” It will be released for both PC and console this fall. The game will be on preview at PAX East this weekend.

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