Check Out Mass Effect Demake for GBA from 64 Bits

Ever wondered what Mass Effect would have been like if it were released for Game Boy Advance? Youtube channel 64 Bits has your back with the sixth video in the series of demakes the team is creating!

Imagine, it’s 2001, you have your GBA in hands and are about to take on Saren and his Geth & Krogan clone army on Virmire. And THIS version allows you to bring forth six companions at once, no longer agonizing over combat effectiveness vs your personal like of characters.

“Here we’re taking you back in time with “Advance Effect”. Which is of course based on Mass Effect & Advance Wars. But with some big twists. Would you play this? Like all demakes we made so far, sadly this is not playable (and will never be), this is all animated by hand!”

You can support the channel by purchasing the Advance Effect poster, featuring Mass Effect Demake.

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A lover of all things RPG and TBS, Catherine is always looking for a new fantasy world to get lost in.

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  1. I’d unironically play the entire trilogy like that!

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