Cleopatra – An Icon on Every Platform

Ancient Egyptian mythology has inspired all kinds of games across various platforms. The heroes, monsters, gods, and queens of its culture have populated games belonging to multiple genres, with them getting cast in prominent roles, either as villains or protagonists.

Amongst all of them, Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, has been the central figure of a good many video games. Regardless of the narrative of the games, whenever video game developers have explored Cleopatra as a subject, they have found a ready audience, willing to lap up whatever is offered to them. In other words, Cleopatra has proven to be an icon on every platform. Let’s go over some well-known Cleopatra themed video games that have further cemented her iconic status.

Cleopatra – Riddle of the Tomb

This is an adventure video game released by Kheops Studio, a French developer, in the year 2007. The game is popularly known as ‘Cleopatra – A Queen’s Destiny’ outside of the US. It is played in the backdrop of 48 BCE when Cleopatra is struggling to make her way to the Egyptian throne and features her battles with Ptolemy, her brother. It has Myst-like panoramic screens which can be navigated by the player. The player can click on multiple hotspots and advance to new areas, interact with other characters, complete puzzles, and acquire inventory.

Cleopatra – The online slot game

Developed by IGT, the casino software giant, Cleopatra, the online slot game takes you into the world of one of the most mysterious and captivating rulers in history. The game features 5 reels and 20 pay lines, offering plenty of opportunities to players to win 15 or more number of free spins, with a potential jackpot amounting to 10,000 credits. With an impressive RTP (Return to Player) percentage of 95.02%, it is counted amongst some of the more generous slot games at the online casino platforms today.

The game is well-recognized at land-based casinos too as it is a regular at almost all the prestigious casino establishments across the world, including in Las Vegas. In fact, it gained such a cult following amongst the slot lovers that IGT released its sequel Cleopatra 2, which garnered even more popularity. With beautiful artwork that takes you back to the long-gone era, Cleopatra online slot immerses players in the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt right from the word go. If you’re keen on learning more about the Cleopatra online slot game, there’s a detailed review here.

Cleopatra – Queen of the Nile

This is an officially released expansion of Sierra Entertainment’s cult economic strategy game called Pharaoh. Cleopatra – Queen of the Nile takes the player into the ancient Egypt world where Pharaoh left off. The player is required to do their best to please Cleopatra, which can be done by building new cities, grand monuments and repulsing the Romans. The game works as an excellent add-on for players looking for more adventure in the ancient Egyptian era of the Pharaoh game.

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