Most Popular Casual Online Games for Your Leisure Time

Casual Online Games

The video game industry is constantly evolving and growing every year. Most modern online games are improving the quality of graphics and storylines, the intensity of the gameplay, and involvement. We often want to have fun playing our favorite app a lot of the time, but every so often, we aim to relax and avoid diving into intense gameplay with our heads. The app can relieve stress, as many developers pursue this goal in their projects. Casual online games allow simple control inside, allowing everyone to relax and unwind without much thought.

Among Us

Released in 2018, Among Us has skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic and the following restrictions. The app is simple, so when you start playing, you can save time and skip looking for a guide, unlike choosing an online casino. The app is somewhat similar to board games such as mafia. The action occurs on a spaceship, where players must find out who is killing the other crew members.

Among Us has plenty of excellent maps that are available to users. Each differs in the location of critical objects and conditions that players must adapt to. In the game, users can change their character’s appearance, adding to their gameplay individuality. Some of this additional content is paid for and must be purchased separately. Users are happy to purchase paid content to support this exciting application.


The card game that has won the trust and interest of many people has now appeared in the form of an application. Now you can play it online with your friends and family. The in-play primary goal is to get rid of all your cards faster than other players. The cards in the app have different colors, numbers, and functions. Each color has certain unique cards requiring different actions, skipping the next player’s turn, playing in the opposite direction, and drawing additional cards from the deck.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most consistently popular casual online games in history. This application has been developed so that users can immediately start playing without much thought. The game has many levels, the main task of which differs from the previous one. You may need to collect a certain number of candies to complete a grade, or you may need to score a certain number of points to complete another. There are also a fixed number of moves and sometimes time limits at different levels. Thanks to this, the game controls that you only sit in one place for a short time and achieve the final goal faster.

Candy Crush Saga app features

The application has many exciting levels where unique rules apply to playing fields. For example, some areas are covered with jelly, and you need to match candies in the same place to remove them, and only after that can you complete the task on other playing fields. Sometimes you’ll need to move some unique elements to the bottom of the board by incredibly thoughtful candy matching. These tasks are often limited in time or the number of moves that can be used at a particular level.

Online casino games

Online casinos have a variety of enjoyable and uncomplicated online games that help relax and have fun. One of the advantages of such entertainment is that in addition to recreation, you can also earn money. Anyone can check best online casino Philippines and see it for themselves. The online casino has, in addition to good apps, many excellent bonuses that can please everyone who wants to play. Control in these games is explicitly made as simple as possible so that the people enjoy it during the play.

Video Game Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies has been one of the most popular casual online games over the past decade and has been downloaded tens of millions of times around the world. The plot is based on a zombie apocalypse, where the player’s main task is to ensure the safety of his house from various zombies. The home’s security is guaranteed thanks to the numerous plants grown in the backyard. Each plant has different unique abilities. There are varieties of plants that help only protect the house but also receive in-game currency. With a simple but captivating storyline, this game is trendy among people.

The second chapter of the Plants vs Zombies app

Thanks to the success of the first part, this online game got the second part of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The second chapter adds a new element of time travel. The main character must travel to different historical eras to avoid a temporary collapse. Players can immerse themselves in different times, such as the Middle Ages or the distant future thanks to new features. The application includes many different worlds and exciting levels that everyone can do. On top of that, there are also endless zones where you can see how long you can last against the zombies. The player can also find several fun mini-games on the primary levels.

Stumble Guys

An application in which up to 32 players compete in an attempt to reach the finish line through many obstacles and traps. Each match has about three different rounds. You must complete each game to win the match. After the first round, half of the players are eliminated from the competition. Another part of the remaining 16 players is eliminated in the second round. Finally, only 1 out of 8 players won in the last game. While Stumble Guys may seem time-consuming, each round lasts only a few minutes.

Reasons why Stumble Guys are so popular

The gameplay and varied levels are why Stumble Guys has become so popular. However, another important reason for this is the graphic component of the app. Visually simple but desirable levels also played a role. Each class has different shapes and patterns, and shades in the game. Every element of Stumble Guys is a treat, from the character designs to the backgrounds. Also, in the application, there are a variety of skins that the user can install at will.


There are many simple and popular casual online games to have a good time. The developers have created many applications for sharing time with friends or relaxing. Every year entertainment develops and does not stand still. Players relax and get positive emotions thanks to the modern app’s simple gameplay and excellent graphics.

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