Codemasters’ Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community Promises Surprises

Codemasters' Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community Promises Surprises

The developers from Codemasters have addressed the DiRT Rally 2.0 community in a recent letter, thanking the players for driving along with the team through the initial launch, the four Seasons of content, onto the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack and Game of the Year Edition and more.

As a team, we set out to create the definitive rally and rallycross experience for you, both in terms of what you can experience, and how you experience it. None of that would be possible without the support of you, the players, not just by playing DiRT Rally 2.0, but having the passion and willingness to be part of a true gaming community. You work with us to keep the game moving forward with patches, updates and improvements built around your feedback.

While the team is focusing on the future and no additional Seasons are planned for DiRT Rally 2.0, there will still be minor updates and surprises ahead.

Prepare to see something new roar to life in the world of DiRT, very soon. Developed by a separate Codemasters studio to the DiRT Rally team, we’re incredibly excited about what’s around the corner. We invite you to be part of a brand new experience, while also continuing to enjoy our definitive Rally offering. 

As for the future of DiRT Rally? Well… we have a few things in mind. We have big plans, driven by a passionate development team, solely tasked with taking the Rally series to even greater heights. You won’t hear about that for a while, but when you do… oh boy, will you be excited for what’s coming.  

Whether it’s our latest game soon to be revealed, or what comes next for Rally, we are incredibly excited to continue making DiRT the franchise for everything we all love about off-road racing. 

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