Company of Heroes 3 Dev Diary Explores Community Involvement

Relic Entertainment is prepping Company of Heroes 3 for players sometime in 2022. Not content to rest on the laurels of that great news, the team has embarked on a new Developer Diary video series to provide fans with information about the game and its features between now and release. The first video developer diary explores how the team worked collaboratively with the COH-Dev group to ensure that the community’s voice is heard at all phases of development.

The video explores several key areas:

  • an in-depth perspective on the CoH-Development process
  • how Relic set up the Community Council
  • personal stories from the members of the development team and community members participating in the Council
  • how meaningful feedback on the game is driving development
  • gameplay footage, concept art, and in-development assets are shown

The CoH-Dev community has grown significantly since the game was first announced in July 2021, with 200,000 players currently signed up to shape the future of the game. Company of Heroes 3 has already received some incredibly meaningful feedback via CoH-Dev, and its loyal community will be able to have their say all the way up to launch day. Players can still sign up for CoH-Development, which is powered by Games2Gether, here. Signing up is free, and it will give players exclusive insights into how the game is being made, access to early gameplay slices, and a voice in its development.

Lastly, a number of content creators took part in the CoH-Development Invitational recently. During the special event, content creators faced off against Relic developers in team 2v2 brawls.

Learn more about Company of Heroes 3 by visiting its official site.

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