Crossout Mobile Is About To Blow Into 51 New Countries

Crossout, the explosive vehicular combat experience, is set to drive out onto 51 territories when it comes to mobiles in February.

Get into gear for February as the Crossout Mobile gets off the starting line and blows something up on iOS and Android. Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced that their motorized action game is getting an on the go version and launch on Android (February, 3rd) and iOS (February, 10th) in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

Anybody familiar with the PC version of this title will already know that the competitive online experience puts players in the driving seat in a destruction derby of a different kind. Players entering this arena will pilot a motorized battle chariot laden with weapons and one aim, blow everything else up. With over4 0 parts in a single vehicle, they can utilize everything from machine guns to tesla coils, that can fry enemies with an arc of lightning, drives are sure to cause some chaos. There is even an explosive crash dummy if you’re feeling adventurous.

Rather than simply slim down and port the existing desktop experience, players picking up Crossout Mobile should expect squads of apocalyptic armored vehicles ready to fight over the scraps of resources in the ruins of a decimated Earth. A myriad of parts, plenty of huge abandoned arenas, and lots of explosions await. You can check out the trailer ahead of the full launch, above, and get more details over on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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