Dead By Daylight x Left 4 Dead Content Arrives

Behaviour Interactive has sent out a chilling new Dead by Daylight trailer to show off some of the new content arriving with the Left 4 Dead crossover. The latest DLC comes via The Archives: Tome VII, a specific series of challenges and story beats that is centered around William “Bill” Overbeck straight out of the Left For Dead series. Called “Foresaken”, the new content is now available across all platforms.

Forsaken adds a cool questline that explores Bill’s story and all of the events that led up to the events in Left 4 Dead. As players work through the quests, Bill’s memories will be shown that offer new information about him and everything he has experienced. In addition, new activities will be unlocked.

According to press information, Bill has been in the game since 2017 and is part of an ever-increasing number of crossover characters to become part of the DbD universe. In fact, Behaviour will be adding a new DLC with Resident Evil characters in the future. Is it possible we’ll see Lady Dimitrescu one day? We can only hope!

Check out the Forsaken trailer and then head to the Dead By Daylight official site to learn more.

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