Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC – Teaser Trailer

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced The Queen and the Sea DLC for roguelite action-platformer Dead Cells. The update will cost $4.99 and will be arriving in early 2022 and bringing along two late-game biomes, a special boss and a new ending. The devs also shared a teaser trailer you can find above.

The two new biomes are called the Infested Shipwreck and the Lighthouse – these will be a parallel to the High Peak Castle and Throne Room levels. There’ll be new weapons & enemies to play with of course, and a new not-so-cuddly pet.

“After the DLC that is exactly what we’ll be doing – releasing more free stuff! And we’ll continue to do that for at least another year. There’s already a good chunk of content planned and being worked on right now with some fresh ideas in play, so you shouldn’t be getting bored with us anytime soon :D”

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