Trails of Cold Steel IV Gets A New Story trailer

Trails of Cold Steel IV just got a new story trailer and it looks like Class VIII are going to need your help when this RPG arrives.

Due to grace Playstation platforms in Fall 2020, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021, Trails of Cold Steel IV is a JRPG that follow the long-running Legends of Heroes series. Now fans of the latest story arc can get a deeper glimpse of what is about to befall Class VIII in a brand new story trailer for the upcoming title. Set just after the end of Trails of Cold Steel III, this entry finds the aforementioned class and the entire nation in the grip of the powerful Erebonian Empire.

Trailer Peek

The new trailer gives players a glimpse of the might of this huge army and the war that now swallows up the world. In response to the encroaching threat of destruction friends and acquaintances old and new must band together. These characters are poised to work as one and fight back against their fate, while Rean Schwarzer, the Ashen Chevalier, is revealed to be captured and in chains as the credits roll.

Trails of Cold Steel IV is developed by japan’s Nihon Falcom Corp and published by NIS in the west. It is set to be something of a nod to fans of the current crop of legends, with a roster that is the largest any of these titles has ever seen. Fans will also recognise a number of refined and returning mechanics in battle and across the game. So, if you are ready to sign up with Crossbell’s Special Support Section and even the heroes of Liberl, head over to the official The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV website for more details on all the characters you’ll probably recognise already and check out the new Trails of Cold Steel IV story trailer above.


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