Disney Speedstorm Season 3 Launches with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

Disney Speedstorm Season 3 Launches with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

Disney and Gameloft have announced that Season 3 has rolled its way into Disney Speedstorm. Themed around Lilo & Stitch, the season also includes Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as bonus racers. The entire season embodies the feeling of Ohana with new racers, a new track environment, customization options, and much more.


  • Lilo & Stitch racers: Stitch, Lilo, Jumba, Captain Gantu, and Angel
  • New Lilo & Stitch-inspired environment track
  • Lilo & Stitch inspired customization items
  • New Lilo & Stitch crew members
  • Bonus racers Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck
  • New Lilo & Stitch-inspired Season Tour
  • Token packs

The game is currently available on multiple systems, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

In addition to the PC and console launch of Season 3, Gameloft also announced that the game’s mobile version has “soft launched” in several nations. These include Spain, Romania, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, and Ireland. Other nations will be added over time.

Check out the Disney Speedstorm official site for more information.


Drift into the ultimate hero-based combat racing game, set on high-speed circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. Master each character’s unique skills on the racetrack and claim victory in this thrilling arcade racing experience from the creators of the Asphalt series!

An incredible cast of characters including Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Sulley, Baloo, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Beast and more are suited and revving up for racing combat. Upgrade each racer’s stats and make the most of their unique skills that can impact the outcome of a single race and dramatically change the way you play the game!

Anyone can pick up and play Disney Speedstorm, but mastering skills and techniques like timing your nitro boosts, precisely drifting around corners, and adapting to dynamic track environments are crucial to dominating each race.

Pick your Racer and speed through action-packed tracks solo, or challenge friends in local and online multiplayer modes. You can even face off with players from around the globe to become an online legend.

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