Dodgeball Rising to Smack You Upside the Head in 2018


Asakusa Studios and Happinet have announced that there will be a slight delay in the launch of Dodgeball Rising. The game was originally set to hit Early Access on December 14th. However, both publisher and developer felt it needed more time and resources to make sure it was the best game ever. As a result, the game will launch in 2018, though the precise date is yet to be announced.

Honestly, it is the right decision because the game just sounds awesome and to make it more awesome means only good things.

Dodgeball Rising
Set in the Edo Period in Japan where swords and duels have been banned by the government. Samurai, Ninja, and even Sushi Chefs gather to settle conflicts and disputes over a good competitive game.
With support for up to six-players, a variety of play styles, simple controls, and powerful special moves, the game brings the classic schoolyard sport to life.
Key Features:
  • Choose from 11 unique Dodgeball warriors from all walks of life
  • Supports up to three players for local co-op and up to six players in online battles via 2v2 and 3v3 team battles. AI players can be called in to fill empty slots.
  • Enter the Ultimate Imperial Tournament in this single player mode, and unique story for each character.
  • Build up your Rising Gauge to unleash a variety of over-the-top special moves and attacks.
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