Doom Eternal Got Ray Tracing And It Looks Stunning


ID Software’s Doom Eternal just got ray tracing as part of a Computex keynote, and the results are brutal in the best way.

As if poised to promote the launch of NIVIDIA’s Geforce RTX 3080Ti and 3070Ti series of cards, developer iD Software took to the virtual stage at this year’s Computex conference and unleashed hell on earth with ray tracing enabled. The video, which you can catch over on YouTube, and features the series signature level of gore and gunplay, is the very first time we’ve seen ray-tracing enabled for Doom Eternal, and the difference is quite obvious.

Using a new NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080Ti to power this example, three minutes of footage jump across Doom Eternal, highlighting the difference a fan of the FPS franchise will get when the Doomslayer is bathed in realistic light reflections and rendered in 4K explosions. As you might surmise this looks impactful in scenes with metallic finishes, glass backdrops, and when looking out into the unforgiving sea.

With the enhancements that this tech brings to the idTech engine behind Doom Eternal, we’re quite sure the change is going to be just as impactful if you decide to step down and pick up an RTX 3070Ti instead, and that’s without even turning on the AI enhancements of DLSS. To check out exactly when this fresh lick of gore is due to blow onto Doom Eternal, keep an eye on the official website for now.

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