Empyre Lords of the Sea Gates Opens the Floodgates On Steam


If you’re a steampunk fan, you’ll want to take note. Coin Operated Games has announced that Empyre Lords of the Sea Gates has launched on Steam.


You’ll be transported back in time to New York City circa 1911 in an epic story written by Paul Noth. You’ll find a NYC that is troubled by the rising oceans as well as the lack of fresh water. You’re faced with anarchy and chaos as governments collapse and mob rule takes over.

Although set in a fictional, alternate history the game also authentically reflects scenes and locations from New York circa 1900, while tying the storyline to current day themes such as global warming and the rising of the oceans. Players will experience an early 20thcentury version of New York built upon the ruins of the submerged “old city” and plagued by warring city-states.

During the game, you’ll find a new twist on combat with a hybrid RTS / TBS battle style. You can set your team into action via Planning Mode before unleashing them to devastate the enemy.

You can get hold of the game for $30 on Steam. Do yourself a favor and snap up a copy today!

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