Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC

horizon zero dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn, the acclaimed post-apocalyptic RPG from Guerilla Games, is finally coming to PC and it only took 3 years.

According to sources that communicated with Kotaku, the Playstation exclusive title will jump ship, landing on both the Steam storefront and Epic Games store later this year. Despite Kotaku’s credibility regarding this sort of leak, we do know that Sony hasn’t responded to the leak.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive open-world RPG that takes place in a future where our infatuation with AI hasn’t gone so well. Some sort of disaster has decimated the planet and little remains of humanity’s great achievements. The population remains as a footnote on a wild world, scattered and living a tribal existence. Machines seem to roam the wilderness and a young machine hunter, named Aloy, finds her world hides some terrible secrets as the game unfolds.

Not The First

This is by no means the first Playstation exclusive title to hit PC. Death Stranding, the recent title helmed by Hideo Kojima, is about to arrive on PC after its PlayStation launch. After taking players on an adventure that mixed fetch quests and future besieged by a different type of apocalyptic outcome, this could be the first of several events that signal a possible future where publisher Sony releases its first-party exclusives on other platforms. This seems increasingly likely given Microsoft’s recent open approach to the Game Pass and cross-play compatibility.

The first release and the subsequent The Frozen Wilds DLC were both visually stunning but locked to 30FPS on the base Playstation hardware. The prospect of hunting more machines with an unlocked frame rate, vastly improved processing power, and maybe even Ray Tracing is definitely enough to get me interested in a return visit to HZD. To find out more about Horizon Zero Dawn, head over to the Guerilla website to check out the future.


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