Metro Redux Gets Nintendo Switch Release in February

Metro Redux, the last hope of humanity in a world gone to hell, is getting a Nintendo Switch release on 28 February.

Deep Silver and 4A Games have just confirmed that Metro Redux, the survival horror title is bringing the wastelands of this first-person adventure to Nintendo Switch. Compiling the definitive editions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, this release will allow players to experience everything the wastelands have to hurl at you. Both base campaigns are included, n the new package alongside 10 hours of additional DLC that should make a rather unique playthrough of the original releases.

First hitting the Xbox 360 and PC back in March 2010, the first Metro title took players deep underground as a lone soul braves the tunnels that weave beneath the ravaged landscape and warns the last vestige of humanity of an impending threat. The dark themes and claustrophobic aesthetic made for a chilling experience and eventually spawned an altogether more elaborate sequel.

Metro: Last Light is a more recent entry in the series, pushing the player out into the wastelands and expanding the underground Metro system Playing as the same human protagonist, this follow up featured a massively expanded world, more lore, and a huge change to the weapon and customization systems. The title first debuted on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but saw a remastered version hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a year later, where it received critical praise for these changes.

Neither title is quite as graphically intense as the recent Metro Exodus but we’ve yet to see how this survival FPS will hold up on the Nintendo Switch’s hardware. If the eerie atmosphere and sense of threat that permeates the franchise survives the port to Nintendo Switch then you will need all your wits to survive the future. To find out more about this new title, head over to the official Metro website or check out the trailer for a glimpse of the darkness that awaits.


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