Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Answers Fans' Criticism

Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Answers Fans’ Criticism

It has been officially confirmed that action-adventure Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC after a lengthy period of being a PS4 exclusive. However, amidst the rejoicing and celebration of the PC player...

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn Arriving On PC Summer 2020

Sony has confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC and it will land sometime in summer 2020. Speaking on a Playstation Blog, Playstation’s Worldwide Studio’s President confirmed that the acclai...

horizon zero dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC

Horizon Zero Dawn, the acclaimed post-apocalyptic RPG from Guerilla Games, is finally coming to PC and it only took 3 years. According to sources that communicated with Kotaku, the Playstation exclusi...

Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Is Coming!

Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Is Coming!

Titan Comics has announced Horizon Zero Dawn and Blade Runner 2019 for Free Comic Book Day 2020. The comic is co-created by Writers Guild Award-Winner and the writer Anne Toole: An exclusive lead-in s...

Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted Lost Legacy Come to PS Now in January

Horizon: Zero Dawn & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Come to PS Now in January

The PlayStation blog has been updated with the PS Now games lineup for January. The subscribers of the service will get to enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Overcooked! 2. Take ...

Monster Hunter World

Horizon Zero Dawn x Monster Hunter World: Iceborne arrives

The PlayStation Blog has a new post from Capcom’s Yuri Araujo to announce a special collaboration event between Monster Hunter World and Horizon Zero Dawn. From now through January 10th, players...

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells Over 7 Million Copies Worldwide

Sony Entertainment has shared the exciting news of the amazing success of Horizon: Zero Dawn in its first year since release. According to the blog post,  over the last 12 months, the game has sold ov...

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn review

Play as Aloy in Monster Hunter World on PS4

The news is coming fast and furious out of Paris Games Week for Sony PlayStation 4, and the first big detail is that you’ll soon be able to play as Aloy in next year’s Monster Hunter World...

making of Horizon: Zero Dawn review

The Making of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Vpro Documentary has put out a 47 minute long look at the making of Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of this year’s most acclaimed games so far. The role playing game Horizon Zero Dawn created by the Dut...

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