Epic Seven Devs Tease New IP Crossover Among Upcoming Updates

Anime RPG Epic Seven (catch our review here) has already seen plenty of updates since hitting the mobile scene late last year. Epic Seven already has a roster of over 100 characters to build your party and have already added new characters, transitions, and even challenges to keep players busy exploring the story and leveling up their party. Add to that a major story update planned for later this year focused around the land of Cidonia and the southern continent of the Rotted Eart and it is obvious Super Creative isn’t resting on their laurels.

But it doesn’t stop there. On April 25, the Epic Seven universe is set to “collide with a legendary IP for the first time.” Mums the word on exactly what IP is being referenced, but players can expect it to get the full Epic Seven anime treatment, including the Epic Seven artistic styling and a storyline that blends the other IP into the Epic Seven universe.

To celebrate the new collaboration, the game will feature an extensive four-week Side Story:

  • The Side Story will contain special elements and features in the form of Tournament Stage.
  • Even currency earned in the Side Story will grant players entries for the Tournament Stage.
  • There, they’ll be able to challenge a number of NPCs, starting at a round of 16.
  • Victories will lead to valuable rewards, including MolaGoras as well as a five-star hero from the soon to be divulged IP, as well as their associated artifact.
  • The hero can also be obtained in other ways, including as a quest reward, so all players need to do is keep playing the Side Story to pick up this powerful new character.
  • Two other new heroes from the mystery IP will also be added into the game and Super Creative also plans on a variety of new events to celebrate the momentous collaboration, including a special check-in event.

Epic Seven is available on Andriod and iOS. For more information check out the official site.

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