ESO Shared the Crown Store Showcase for January 2024

ESO Shared the Crown Store Showcase for January 2024

Following the reveal of the daily login rewards for January 2024, the developers of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online have taken to the official site to present the showcase for Crown Store of the same month. For the full list of things available through the month follow the link above. Let’s check out the juiciest pickings of January, including pets and mounts!

When it comes to the adventurers’ best friends and noble steeds, no one can call ESO boring. So is this month, there is a mount for everyone’s tastes!

  • Snow Bear mount (January 2 to January 8). The Snow Bear makes a superior mount for northern climes, as it’s undaunted by even the fiercest winter weather.
  • Harpy’s Bane Durzog mount (available to ESO Plus members between January 2 and February 1). All durzog are relentless in the pursuit of prey, but this sub-species is particularly vicious, especially when following a harpy’s scent. Even experienced handlers sometimes struggle to contain their ferocity on the hunt.
  • Auroran Zenith Warwolf mount (January 11 to January 18). Followers of Meridia who assist Aurorans can gain enough favor to earn one of their wolf steeds. Trained for war, these wolves stay the course even in siege situations, making them excellent mounts for all manner of dangerous situations.
  • Great Elk mount (January 11 to January 18). Though the Reachmen of Markarth say they were the first to successfully domesticate the Great Elk of Skyrim and break them as mounts, the Nords of Haafingar say it was really all their idea.

ESO – Crown Store January 2024 Pets

Cute companions do not fall behind: from the colorful Nixad to the impressive Mudcrab of Eternal Doom, Crown Store gives players a choice of six such pets.

  • Blue Shock Nixad (January 2 to January 8). The rare and colorful Shock Nixad looks rather like a tiny, winged Storm Atronach, though without the whirling electric rocks. They make loyal companions—though they may also make your hair stand on end!
  • Seht’s Dovah-Fly (January 8 to January 11). These are clearly fabricants, clockwork simulations of living creatures, with the distinctive appearance of the handiwork of Sotha Sil. But if so, how did they escape Clockwork City? What powers them? And why do they make such loyal pets? No one knows.
  • Mudcrab of Eternal Doom (January 16 to January 22). Few can withstand the scorching heat and relentless desolation of the Deadlands. Those unlucky few who find themselves trapped there may encounter one of these scuttling horrors—a hideous reminder of their grim and eternal fate.
  • Colovian Badger (January 22 to January 25). Though Badgers mainly eat burrowing rodents, farmers hate them because they’ll take chickens, kwama scribs, and bantam guar if they get the chance.
  • Psijic Mascot Bear Cub (January 25 to February 1). By tradition, the Psijic Mascot of the order’s Ritemaster is always a Bear Cub.
  • White River Ice Wolf Pup (January 29 to February 5). The Ice Wolves that lope along the White River of northeast Skyrim are associated with both the goddess Mara and the Wolf Totem of Atmora.

ESO – Crown Store January 2024 Lynx Bundle

Cat lovers are in luck! For those who love matching companions and transportation, there a bundle that has both a mount and a pet to suit your character! The new Highland Spotted Lynx Bundle will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms for a limited time, from January 22 to January 29.

From curious cub to lithe mount, the spotted lynxes found in the Colovian highlands help keep the area free of vermin and often serve as mounts to worthy souls. This feline bundle allows you to add these two furry friends to your adventures.

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