Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Titles for Game Lovers


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Here we take a look at the exclusive titles for PS5 and Xbox X series that are much awaited and being talked about.

PS5 Exclusive Titles to Launch

Those who have moved from PS4 to PS5 can look forward to a much-hyped title called Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is a standalone title that many are looking forward to. Of course, the titles for PS5 are several that include Bugsnax, which is an oddball, colorful game of adventure, and exploration. Godfall is an action-heavy RPG title that one can enjoy on PC as well.

Close Look at Spiderman

The upcoming Spiderman game for PS5 is that of Marvel’s which is of the action-adventure genre. The developer is Insomniac Games while Sony Interactive Entertainment provides the publishing platform. It is based on Miles Morales, the Marvel superhero that appears in this second title of Spider-Man series. The first one was released in 2018. Due to be released in the fourth quarter, it is a title that many would love to invest as a holiday present, for themselves or their loved ones.


Those who are curious about the game’s narrative would find a continuation here, especially from The City That Never Sleeps. In this version, Miles Morales gets bitten by a spider that is genetically enhanced and gains powers similar to that of Peter Parker. After a year lapses, the game finds Miles having integrated himself in the red and black suit and acting as how spider man did, defending the city of New York from his home in the Harlem district. The action and adventure that players follow here are based on this storyline.

Astro Bot to the Rescue

Astro’s Playroom is an Astro Bot on a rescue mission that has a fun, refreshing pet theme. It is akin to having your pet robot that has intelligent features. It is available for Playstation VR as well and is akin to being a spiritual successor for the next-gen hardware. It comes free and preloaded with the console. Hence, if you are planning to get your hands on PS5 this year, it is a game that allows one to explore different worlds as per the console components as well as taps into the Dual Sense wireless controller functions.

There are other third-party games that PS5 supports, which are Outriders, NBA 2K21, and Creed Valhalla of Assassin.

Xbox Title to Look Out for: Titanfall 2

With Xbox Series X there is much to look forward to such as Titanfall 2 which is sure to be a great entry for this generation console. Those who love Call of Duty: Warzone are sure to want Titanfall 2. Here players get to enjoy several features such as getting to fight inside or outside with giant mechs. One can do so in multiplayer mode as well. Wall run, grappling with a hook, jumping inside a giant mech are some of the wonderful virtual actions that players can participate in. The game promises to have a mech on mech as well as pilot vs pilot action in multiplayer mode as well as impressive tactics for single players.

The above are some of the several virtual games that one can look forward to enjoying in the latest gaming consoles.

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