Neverwinter – Mount Changes & Upgrades

Neverwinter - Mount Changes & Upgrades

The developers of MMORPG Neverwinter Online are making some changes to the mounts that will be coming to the game soon. The team shared a new blog post on the official site to share all the details of the changes & upgrades.

Changes to Mount Speed:

All players will have 2 mount speeds: the first one being as fast as the existing Legendary mount speed, with the second speed being the same as the speed for Uncommon (green) quality mounts for roleplaying and Protector’s Enclave parade needs.

With this change, mounts also no longer grant a speed when adding them to your stable.

Mount Upgrades:

Mounts will be able to be upgraded all the way from Common quality to Mythic quality – which will be arriving with the update.

  • All mounts have 3 insignia slots regardless of quality. Insignia slots do not change during upgrading.
  • All mounts now have a Passive and Combat power. Those powers scale up as the mount is increased in quality. Any power shared by multiple mounts will scale to the highest quality mount that you own which grants that power. Mounts that previously didn’t have a combat power will have one of 3 generic new combat powers that either do: Single target damage, AoE damage, Self Heal Over Time.
  • Mount Bolster: Your 10 highest quality mounts add to your mount bolster which in turn increases your mount passive and combat powers up to double their base effectiveness.

Insignia slots do not change as you upgrade your mount, nor do you unlock additional costumes or powers as your mount ranks up. This means that the rarer legendary mounts will retain a good amount of their uniqueness including their multiple universal insignia slots and their unique combat powers.

Mount Collars:

Stable mounts now have a new slot for Mount Collars – new items that will grant benefits to your utility stats. They come in qualities from Common to Mythic and a mount can only wear an equal or lower quality collar. Base mount collars will drop in dungeons as will some new upgrade materials (Stones of Empowerment from critter drops and Greater Stones of Empowerment from Epic Dungeons and Trial end chests) to rank up those collars.

One extra unique aspect of these collars is that they come in specific types. A character can only benefit from one of a given collar type at a time so make sure to get all 5 types to maximize your benefits.

Zen Store Adjustments:

The cost of the mounts in Zen Market has been lowered – Epic mounts will now be 1500 Zen down from 3500 Zen. The team also lowered the cost of Epic Companions down to 1500 Zen and made Companion Zen Market purchases account-wide unlocks in the same way that Zen Market mounts already were.

Lockbox Adjustments:

The top tier chase items in lockboxes have had their odds improved. The top chase prize is now over 3x as likely to drop!

Free Pack For Everyone:

When the changes go live, players will be able to claim one free pack per account from the reclaim agent which will give you the following items:

  • 75 Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • Free Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack
  • 150 Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 50 Greater Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 100% off companion coupon.
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