Destiny 2 Vidoc is Right On Time For Shadowkeep

Bungie has released a new Vidoc for Destiny 2 and this massively multiplayer online shooter looks like it’s going back to earlier mishaps with some time travel antics.

Sometime soon, the Shadowkeep and the impending result of the upcoming updates look likely to take Guardians on a quest back in time. Eagle-eyed players of Bungie’s first-person battle for the planet will notice a few significant moments in the latest video update. Squeezed in among the flashy graphics are a few shots that reveal a lot about Destiny 2’s potential path.

Along with the whiteboard of potential detail smeared across this video are notations that include “Fix the Timeline”. With enemies like the Vex, it is no real surprise that this could potentially be the case. The Vex is an addition to the base game antagonists who use simulations to try to predict a future where they come out victorious. Between this and the time loop that winds its way around the Dreaming City, there is already a ton of temporal trouble in Destiny 2. Now, with these seeds spawning in the Black Garden, it seems things might be coming full circle for the title.

This potential future, or past, comes in addition to a bunch of new details. Cross save will drop with Shadowkeep, alongside Armour 2.0, seasonal artifacts, and a bunch of new ways to tear down your enemies.

While Destiny 2 did not receive the warmest of receptions when ex-publisher Activision launched it in 2017, things have changed. Thankfully Bungie now steers their own course and are headed straight for a time tunnel. Their decision might even help reinvigorate the stories that players once lamented over. Just remember not to think about it too much though. Wibbly wobbly timey wimy. Destiny 2 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Shadowkeeo update hits in October and won’t even require previous expansions to play. Check out full details on the game’s official website or check out our overview of everything that is to come.


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