Fall Masquerade Event – Dead By Daylight’s “Unachievable” Goal


If you’re a dedicated Dead by Daylight player, this weekend is made for you. The Fall Masquerade challenge is live for all platforms including PC, PS4 and XBox One.

Fall Masquerade deets

Developers are challenging players to survive twelve million times for the next 3+ days. Players were able to meet the last “unachievable” goal, so the stakes have been upped.

You’ll be able to earn 2x Double Bloodpoints during the event as well as a gift offering that hasn’t been shown yet.

You can keep track of the number of survivals as well as the time remaining on the game’s official site.

A group of survivors consisting of up to 4 players must escape from one player taking on a role of the killer in an enclosed area at night. The environments consist of secluded forest, abandoned junkyard, decrepit cornfield, haunted asylum and more.  The survivors’ perspectives are third-person, while the killer’s perspective is first-person.

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