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A new chapter in the ongoing Fallout 76 developer series, Inside the Vault, has appeared on the official site. In this edition, the team provides the community with an “in-depth preview of FO76 Season 3″ and a peek ahead at what’s coming in early 2021. In addition, the team offers a look at what’s coming in this year’s Holiday Scorched event.

Players can look forward to diving into Season 3: The Scribe of Avalon starting December 15th. The new season introduces a new Scoreboard with players heading into “the world of Astoundingly Awesome Tales to aid the intrepid time-traveling historian, K.D. Inkwell, as she investigates the mysteries behind an explosion of technologic advancements in the medieval civilization of Avalon”. Whew…that’s a mouthful!

As with all in-game events, The Scribe of Avalon allows players to earn a number of exclusive rewards throughout the 100 ranks. Players will be able to take home cosmetics, C.A.M.P. items, in-game currencies, Perk Card Packs, consumables, and more. There are also bonus rewards for Fallout 1st Members at specific milestones.

Developers provided this highlight list of this year’s rewards:

  • Lite Allies: You will be able to claim two new “Lite Allies” during your Season journey. They will offer unique benefits, like healing or feeding you, in place of sending you on Daily Quests.
    • Yasmin Chowdhury – Yasmin is a cooking vendor who will replenish your hunger and thirst once every 24 hours. She also has uncommon, and sometimes rare, cooking Recipes for sale.
    • Solomon Hardy – Solomon primarily deals in medical supplies. He will also heal your HP, Rads, and Diseases in exchange for Caps.
  • Backpack Flairs – Bring more personality to your favorite Backpack by modding it to add new cosmetic Backpack Flairs at an Armor Workbench.
  • Antique Speed Bag – Practice your punches by brawling with the Antique Speed Bag in your C.A.M.P., which will temporarily increase your Agility.
  • Perfect Bubblegum – Chew some Perfectly Preserved Bubblegum to completely replenish your hunger and thirst, and remove the need to eat or drink for an hour.
  • Perk Coins – Rank up your Legendary Perks more quickly by filling your pockets with some Perk Coins.

Looking ahead into 2021, players will be pleased to hear that a significant quality of life update is coming early in the year. It includes a Stash size increase (+50%, up to 1,200 pounds), a Stack Weight improvement, and a number of Pip-Boy updates.

Check out the full post on the Fallout 76 official site to bone up on all the details.

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