Feed On The Souls Of Your Enemies As Neowiz Reveals Unsouled

Noeowiz, the publisher behind Skul: The Hero Slayer and Bless Unleashed, has revealed Unsouled, and the latest adventure in its 2021 lineup will forge a legacy built upon the souls of your enemies.

Unveiled at the end of last week and due out on PC later this year, Unsouled is a brutal ARPG that mixes pixel art aesthetics with a fast-flowing combat system and a tale that certainly takes no prisoners. Developed by Megusta Game, a one-man development studio based in South Korea, Unsouled is set in a haunting world where players take the part of a prince. Unfortunately, your empire has all but collapsed and we can only assume that means cutting a swathe of bloody vengeance across the land.

As Unsouled takes a top-down approach to the action, players can use an arsenal of powerful moves to counter and attack enemies, building up combos and unleashing a flurry of slashes. This graceful yet deadly approach should reward dedication to the art of destruction, and it does look very cool. As enemies fall, the aforementioned prince can absorb the souls of the slew. Absorbing the souls of the dead will unlock new powers, enhanced strength, and even more combat abilities across the course of this wild adventure.

“As a fan of hardcore action games myself, Unsouled is the game that I’ve always dreamed of playing” said Jin Sub Jung, Head of Megusta Game. “I’m really looking forward to sharing it with everyone and hope they enjoy the stylish 2d action.”

While the fluid combat and pixel art might be reminiscent of Dead Cells, Unsouled seems to draw on elements of beat em ups like Granblue Fantasy Versus, allowing players to even design their own combo systems to cut through any opposition. Check out the trailer for Unsouled above, or head over to the official Unsouled Steam page to check out more about the carnage that lands later this year.

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