Dragon’s Crown Trailer Shines the Spotlight on Couch Co-op

Atlus has released a brand new trailer from Dragon’s Crown that shows off the game’s local couch co-op and online multiplayer gaming. The best part is that cooperative play can be played locally, online or a combination of both.

Whether it’s three people on the old, crumb-dusted sofa teamed up with one player online or vice versa, you can all work together to defeat the minions and bosses littering the Kingdom of Hydeland.

You can preorder the game for $50 ahead of its release on April 24th.

What is Dragon’s Crown?

The game provides a nostalgic look back at what Atlus calls “the most beautiful 2D ARPG in history”. It was first available on PlayStation 4 and, later, Playstation Vita, but is now heading to PlayStation 4. You’ll find improved and “refined” graphics complete with 4K compatibility.

Game Features:

  • With the fun local couch co-op and online multiplayer you remember, up to four players can experience countless hours battling together
  • With beautifully refined artwork and 4K resolution support, Vanillaware’s signature art style will come alive as you bludgeon, cleave, shoot, and loot through the dungeons of Hydeland
  • newly recorded soundtrack by fabled composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, supported by a live orchestra, will accompany daring treasure hunters on their search for the Dragon’s Crown
  • Rejoice because English and Japanese audio options will now be available! plus, game text will be localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • There will be online cross-play & cross-save compatibility with existing PS3 and Vita versions. All patches, features, and the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC from the original game will be included.


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