Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay and World Details Emerge

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay and World Details Emerge

During last weekend’s Tokyo Game Show 2023 event, Square Enix took centerstage to show off nearly 30 minutes of gameplay footage from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In addition, the team published a new blog that showcases all-new details and screenshots of the gorgeous environments that will provide hours of eye candy for players. The game is being prepped for a February 29, 2024 release date as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

What’s in the blog?

The blog introduces eager fans to several regions of the FFVII-Rebirth game world. These areas include Grasslands, Under Junon, Junon, and Gold Saucer. In addition, developers reveal a few details about world exploration in iconic places, including Chocobo Ranches! As these areas are explored, Chadley will deepen his understanding of the world by completing research quests that unlock new locations. He also helps develop new materia based on collected data. Research opportunities are opened up by reactivating the old republic’s remnawave towers.

Along the way, players will be able to complete odd jobs here and there and will collect materials to use in the Item Transmuter. Transmuting items improves craftsmanship and unlocks new formulae used to obtain rare items.

Of course, no great game comes without amazing combat, and this one’s no different. Players will receive combat assignments to find rare fiends in natural habitats. They’ll gather intel during these special assignments to unlock more challenges through Chadley’s combat simulator.

The blog also looks at Excavation Sites, Chocobo Stops, and details some of the more unique aspects of combat. The latter includes a peek at Limit Break, Synergy Abilities, and more.

Read up on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on the game’s official site.

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