Flexispot E7 Standing Desk Review

If you’re looking for a new way to take on the toughest online shooters without being tied to a chair then join us as we take a look at the Flexispot E7 standing desk.

With work from home blending seamlessly with playtime, grabbing a decent desktop is far more crucial than it used to be. The health benefits of getting up out of your gaming chair make standing desks a particularly attractive option and Flexispot is hoping that the E6 and E7 series desks can have us gunning for victory in this review.

The Flexispot E7 is a fully electric standing desk offering a range of customizable options for desktop heroes and work from home warriors that go the extra mile. While the starting RRP of £399.99, currently on sale for £329.99 or local equivalent, might seem steep, the specifications of the E7 series certainly seem to outshine some of the Swedish competition.


Frame: Metal Construction – Self Assembly
Motor: Dual Motor
Weight Capacity: 125 KG
Lift Speed: 38 mm / s
Height Range: 58 – 123 cm
Applied Desktop Size: 120 – 210 x 60 – 80 cm
Premium Keypad – Up/Down Controls, Memory Presets Child Lock, Anti-collision, LED Touchscreen


One of the great things about grabbing a Flexispot E7, or E6, series standing desk is delivery. While you’ll expect to cart home your haul from major retailers or high street stores, Flexispot use major shipping couriers to roll these seemingly monstrous boxes right to your front door. While delivery might put a damper on the whole impulse buy, let me assure you the components that make up these desks are heavy. The fully metal frame comes in two dense parcels, while the optional desktop comes packed in its own sizeable cardboard container. These aren’t anything astounding to look at, but they do the job of keeping the parts intact. Getting the E7 or E6 out into the wild, you’ll find the main body, legs, a setup guide, and a very well packaged set of screws. Unlike our last encounter with the Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk, the E7 that landed on our doorstep had far clearer instructions, correctly labeled screws, and enough of everything to get building. In total, the setup likely took about 40 minutes including the tabletop, and was a leisurely encounter with few complaints. Screw holes seemed well measured, the instructions were clear, and included hex key was the only tool required to slot the desk together. You can check out the full build video below.


Look And Feel

Our version of the E7 came in white with a marble effect tabletop that certainly makes a statement. While you can choose from a range of frame colors, desktop finishes, even shapes, the E7 is a solid option. The full metal construction of the legs and frame give the desktop of your choice a rigid foundation that some lighter footprints might seem to lack. The topside is a full inch thick, and unlikely to break or bend under pressure, all leading to a whopping 125 KG upper weight limit. That’s almost two of me and a lot more than the 70-80 KG we’ve come to expect from alternatives. Nothing you throw at the E7 is likely to overwhelm this workbench, and we did try dumping four monitors, a PC tower, a PlayStation 5, two laptops, and assorted accessories across it with no issues.

When the E7 extends to its maximum height, it’s likely you’ll notice the cable management system. This metal runner plays host to the power and control cables for the dual motors but also keeps all your own wires out the way too. Just like the rest of the E7, it feels far more premium than the mesh bottoms alternatives that often decorate other desktops. If you’re looking for an option that will house more than just a single monitor setup then the E7 has the capacity and lifting prowess to do it. The only real caveat that’s worth considering is the lack of obvious built-in cable grommets. These holes only make an appearance in the curved desktop option.

e7 control panel

Get Moving

As you’d expect, the E7 isn’t all about sitting down and pulling Waifu’s in Genshin. You can stand up and do it too. Powered by two motors, placed around either leg, the E7 manages a smooth and steady slide between 53 and 128 cm. This range goes low enough for anybody around 170cm to sit comfortably while tall enough for anybody around 185cm to stand without any issue. Unfortunately, we didn’t have anybody smaller or taller to test this with. Movement feels controlled and nuanced, with no jerking or noises that might indicate trouble on the horizon. Simply put, it works. The premium control panel is a nice step up from the E6 series basic switches. A silver-rimmed attachment, it operates the basic height, presets, and locking functions using a touch screen set of buttons without being overly obtrusive or looking out of place. The only option I’d love to see on this is USB charging since it’s drawing power anyway.

Final Thoughts.

New Year, new desk! That’s the mantra that Felxispot is hoping you all take up as working styles change and the pressures on your home based setup change. With a range of color options and desktop sizes on offer, the Flexispot E7 provides an excellent base for whatever you are doing, from desktop gaming to cosplay construction. The build quality is obvious and if, like me, you’re old enough to get stiff while sedentary then the Flexispot E7 adds a premium way to get up without getting outside.

You can find out more about the Flexispot E7 and E6 series over on the official website now, where the new year sale has the desk frame on sale for as little as £329 or local equivalent.

The E7 is a great addition to your office. While it isn't the least expensive on the market, it earns every penny spent. This standing desk boasts an impressive range of features. It's electric, it's quiet, and it has a design that will look great in any office.
  • Very sturdy
  • Great range of colors
  • organised assembly
  • Isn't the cheapest on the market
  • Limited choices for grommets
  • No USB charging
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