Fort Triumph – An RPG Where XCom Meets D&D with a Dash of Discworld

Fort Triumph
Fort Triumph – The Tactical RPG

Fort Triumph is a new game in development with a brand new KickStarter on top of it. Developers call it a fantasy tactical RPG where XCom meets D&D with a dash of Discworld. That’s some pretty impressive comparisons!

Setting aside all comparisons, it’s good to note what makes the game special all on its own. Unlike most tactical RPGs, a unique cover system is used in order to make every large object a place to hide.

Other features of note include:
  • fully interactive environments
  • tactical turn-based combat
  • hero progression through class skill trees
  • “contextually generated” missions & quest
  • non-linear gameplay
  • world map exploration
  • flexible campaign
  • procedurally generated maps
  • Savage, Paladin, Ranger and Mage classes

The game centers on combat with tactics as the operative word. Each player controls a party of companions, each including their own take on the world.

Heroes can combine their abilities in many ways: You can throw the savage out of harm’s way or help her close the distance by launching her forward or place your melees in the path of a thrown enemy, granting them an attack of opportunity.

KickStarter Begins

Fort Triumph is created by a group of independent developers who are looking for $75,000 on KickStarter to complete their project. At the current time, the KickStarter sits at $22,000 of the hoped-for $75,000.

As with all KickStarter programs, there are a number of ways to support the game as well as rewards once the game is published. The best part is that there is already a demo that gives an impression of the developers’ vision. Be sure to swing by the KS page to check it out and consider backing the project!

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