Gamescom in Pictures: Booths

This year’s Gamescom was a visual feast. Within the cavernous halls, studios and publishers brought their games to life with a combination of props, statues, and impressive constructions. While it’s impossible to get a sense of scale from photos alone, our gallery of Gamescom 2018 booths will give you an idea of those impressive show floors. If gaming ever needed a mecca, this was it.

Besides the props and statues, most booths also included vast banks of gaming PCs so that gamers could go hands-on with the latest previews of upcoming titles. Most of the hardware is supplied or sponsored by some of the biggest names in gaming, such as Asus ROG or Gigabyte AORUS, giving some red-carpet treatment to those who endure the queues. Well, if a red carpet was brightly lit with RGB LEDs.

Having a booth at Gamescom also gave some brands the chance to make a grand appearance in front of the games-buying public. That said, it wasn’t always a success – Facebook Gaming’s booth was notable for its lack of faces or games.

Some of the largest studios, such as Blizzard, went even further and built two booths at Gamescom 2018, in order to comply with local regulations. While the biggest spaces were reserved for the games, merch sales were restricted to just one of the 11 expo halls. Even so, there were plenty of eager fans hoping to score a convention exclusive or add to their collection of memorabilia.

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  1. I love all these booths, man they must cost an arm and a leg to set up plus get all staff their etc Crazy! Crazy good.

    • They do! I know one team who spent 100K+ on one for their first show. But the kicker is you get to “keep it”, so you can use it again.

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