Author: Gareth Harmer

From flight sims to fireballs, in the most dapper way possible.

Quarter Arcades Pac-man Cabinet

Hands-On with a High-End Pac-Man Replica

It’s not every day that I get my hands on a slice of good-quality nostalgia. Older gamers like myself will be familiar with this bright yellow Pac-Man cabinet, but this is a retro build that’s more au...


Planet Alpha Review

Planet Alpha is gorgeous. From the moment I started playing, I was impressed by the finely-crafted visuals of a dynamic and breathtaking alien landscape. There’d be moments where the foreground would ...

8.5 Great

Gamescom in Pictures: Cosplay

Public gaming conventions bring out some phenomenal cosplay, and Gamescom 2018 was no exception.  Studios like Blizzard hosted cosplay competitions on its stage,  encouraging gamers to dress up as cha...

Gamescom in Pictures: Booths

This year’s Gamescom was a visual feast. Within the cavernous halls, studios and publishers brought their games to life with a combination of props, statues, and impressive constructions. While ...

Gamescom in Pictures: Hardware

Gamescom surprises us every year, and the 2018 edition was no different. While we’re used to a heavy presence from the hottest new titles, they were joined this year by some of the biggest hardw...


Russian Subway Dogs Review: Barking Mad

It’s a dog’s life, scavenging for scraps on the Moscow Metro. Taking diktats from the Proletaricat, juggling vodkas and torching the competition, just to earn a few bones. Maybe you get lucky and boar...

8 Great
Deiland Review

Deiland Review

If the sandbox genre needed a poster child for chilled family-friendly gaming, Deiland would be the perfect example. With a wholesome storyline and clean-but-cute art style, this part-RPG involves nur...

7 Good

Laser League: Before the Toy

Tomorrow, May 10, Laser League will launch. For indie studio Roll7, it’s a scary prospect: the first game with online multiplayer, first game hitting three platforms at once, and their first game buil...

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