Genshin Impact Shared Character Teaser for Lyney

Choo-choo, all aboard the Fontaine hype train! Developer HoYoverse rolled out a new character teaser dedicated to an upcoming 5-star Pyro Bow character Lyney. This young man is a famed Fontaine magician whose performances are renowned for their creativity, never failing to take the audience on a wondrous journey.

“A magician’s mission is to challenge the limits of the imagination. Bright moonlight illuminates his palms, lighting up a miraculous universe.”

Lyney is a Pyro damage dealer that uses Charged Shots. When Charge Level 2 Aimed Shot hits, a Grin-Malkin Hat will appear and taunt nearby opponents. Upon destruction, the Hat will damage an opponent with a Pyrotechnic Strike. If Lyney’s HP is high, a Charge Level 2 Aimed Shot will consume some of his HP for a Prop Surplus Attack.

Lyney’s Elemental Skill consumes all stacks of his Prop Surplus attacks to deal Pyro AoE damage. The number of consumed stacks will increase damage dealt and regenerate Lyney’s HP. If a Grin-Malkin Hat is present on the battlefield when the Skill is used, it will explode and deal AoE Pyro damage.

Using his Elemental Burst turns Lyney into a Grin-Malking Cat and deals Pyro damage to enemies in his path. When the duration ends, Lyney will summon a Grin-Malkin Hat and gain a Prop Surplus stack.

Lyney will be one of the three new characters joining the roster in Genshin Impact Version 4.0. He will be joined by his siblings Lynette (4-star Anemo Sword) and Freminet (4-star Cryo Claymore). You can find a bit more about them by watching the trailers below.

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