Get Your Daily Dose When Juicy Realm Hits Nintendo Switch

Juicy Realm is set to bring your daily dose of vitamin C in a brand new package. X.D. has announced its latest title coming to Nintendo Switch and things are about to go bananas on 7 November.

X.D., the team behind Muse Dash and Grand Brix Shooter, has announced a new twin-stick shooter for the Nintendo Switch. The Chinese based outfit continues to bring more mayhem to on the go gamers. This they’re planning to get a bit fruity. In his silly shooter, a meteor has struck the earth and the fallout is not exactly what you’d expect. Once the dust settled, the plant life took a bit of a turn for the worse. Fruits ad plant life began to rebel, growing into huge monstrosities. Weedol does nothing and this isn’t quite garden Warfare. Instead, it is up to players to navigate through a range of brightly animated levels.

Take your soldier on a top-down mission through a series of roguelike levels. Each individual soldier has their own actions and abilities, from a weapon-wielding panda to a spritely young recruit. These warriors of the earth are augmented by a range of weapons and equipment allowing players to take on hordes of mons and the odd boss monster. This might all sound a little like roguelike 101 but the quality of the animation, upbeat atmosphere and cheeky take on your daily fruit intake make this worth a look.

Check out the trailer above and if you don’t remember Attack of The Rotten Tomatoes, then you’ve still got time to prepare before the vegetables fight back ono Nintendo Switch. Juicy Realm is coming to Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99/13.49£, with 20% off for the first week. You can find out more about the fruity encounter over at the official website now. No, that is not a banana in my pocket. I am not excited to see you the orange just bit off my big toe.


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