Ghost Recon: Wildlands Battle Crates Coming in Next Update


If you’ve been somewhat relieved that Ubisoft hadn’t yet gotten around to putting loot crates in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, we’ve got bad news. Two types of “Battle Crates” will be added with the next update, one to support single player and the other for multiplayer.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Battle Crates

It’s not all gloom and doom, however. Battle Crates purchased for 400 Credits in-game will unlock three items. The best part is that you will never receive a duplicate item. The only items that can be unlocked are those you don’t yet own.

When the new crate system launches, all players will receive two free crates. Spec Ops crates are focused on campaign and co-op items. Ghost War crates unlock items for PvP.

What can you expect to find inside? Spec Ops crates can contain Epic and Exotic weapons, vehicles and cosmetic rewards. Ghost War crates can contain Exotic weapons, customization items and Icon skins that can only be found in these crates. The 200 or so items available from the get-go will come in Rare, Epic and Legendary flavors. Weapon items are simply reskins of things already present in the game and will not impact weapon stats.

Items inside the boxes are also available to be purchased through store packs. Ubi has said there will never be items that affect player progression or gameplay.

You can read the full FAQ on the official site.

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  1. Well, one cool thing is no dupes. Still, why not just let us buy the weapons?

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