Go Diamond Hunting in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online

Thanks to the arrival of the Red Dead Online content expansion, Blood Money, players have been busy taking part in all sorts of illicit activities. This week offers interested parties and even bigger and more lucrative challenge than ever. In addition, there are the usual discounts and ways to earn some extra goodies and cash in the game. Let’s see what’s new this week in RDO.

  • Players will want to check out the next Opportunity from the Jewels of the West series. Head over to Rhodes and seek out the Il Sovrano diamond. Those who complete the mission will earn a free Weapon Component and those who complete it on Ruthless difficulty unlock the Duplessis Top Hat
  • Watering holes in Saint-Denis are packed with people and cash. It’s a good chance for players to check out the three new missions in the Saloons Contract
  • Grab up to 40% off select items including weapons, hats, weapon variants, and shotguns
  • Finish three Nominated Series matches and earn an Offer for 40% off a Non-Role Multi Horse
  • Quick Draw Club No. 1 members take home an Offer for 50% off an Established or Distinguished Role Item and Rewards for a free Shirt and Coat
  • Those who purchase all four installments of the Quick Draw Club will also earn a Reward for the Halloween Pass 2
  • Prime Gaming benefits are up for grabs for those who are members

Check out all of the details by visiting the Red Dead Online official site.

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