Go Ram Hunting in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has been updated to bring a number of cool new activities to players as well as ways to earn Gold and even a free emote. In addition, several new things have been added to the in-game catalog and a triple treat of Legendary creatures has been released into the wild for Naturalists to hunt down.

Naturalists can work to hunt down any one of the three new Legendary Rams now romping through RDO. The Gabbro Horn Ram is the black and white version while the Chalk Horn Ram sports a gray pelt and the Rutile Horn Ram has dark red horns. All three sound like incredible additions to wily Naturalists’ lists. Players can visit Harriet to get the Rutile Ram Sighting Mission and take home a free Poncho for the effort. Players can also purchase the Woodcote Poncho or three new coats crafted from Legendary Ram skin if they visit Gus.

Fossil-hunting Collectors who want to find the Coastal, Oceanic and Megafauna fossils can speak to Madam Nazar to get a Fossils Map in order to find them. She’ll also hand over a Pennington Field Shovel and a Metal Detector to help out. Find one and receive a Tarot Card, Lost Jewelry, and an Arrowhead.

All Role Free Roam Events are also paying out double Gold, XP, and RDO$ from now through September 21st. In addition, completion of any 5 Daily Challenges nets players a Reward for 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones.

Want to know more? Head to the Red Dead Online official site to check out the full update notes.

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