Gone Viral Infects Early Access 24 September

gone viral infects early access

If you’re looking for a change to the rogue-lite rigmarole then Gone Viral is about to make a bloody Early Acess appearance this September.

Announced this weekend during a torrent of Gamescom updates, Gone Viral is a brand new take on the rogue-lite hack and slash from Skullbot Games and Akupara Games. Taking a top-down look at a world where reality TV has taken something of a wicked turn, you’ll set out into a series of random dungeons to hack, slash, bounce, explode, and survive across a wild array of pointy challenges. With a huge range of ingenious environmental traps, equipable weapons, power-ups and enemies waiting for your meat sack to enter the next room, there are plenty of ways for this physics-based dungeon crawler to get gloriously messy.

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Gone Viral is more than just another moxy filled procedural dungeon challenge. The title comes to screens thanks to several of the devs behind cult MMO Wildstar and adds a twist to reality TV gameshows. Players who are able to fight their way through anything in their way and string together a whole host of stunning combos will receive more likes and follows from their fans o the other end of the screen. As you annihilate enemies by ricocheting them off walls, smashing them into each other, or shoving them into bone-crunching traps you’ll keep on hyping up your fans. Followers can even supply in-game airdrops to keep you smashing skulls.

Gone Viral featured at Gamescom’s Indie Arena Booth over the weekend, but you’ve not missed your opportunity to check out this upcoming brawler. We got hands-on with it and you can read our impressions here on Gamespace. Alternatively, you can grab the demo on the official Gone Viral Steam page before Gone Viral infects Early Access for $14.99 on PC.

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