Akupara Games Will Publish Ex Wildstar Lead’s Gone Viral

Indie publisher Akupara Games has just announced its open season as they sign up to publish Jeremy Gaffney’s brand new battling brawler, Gone Viral.

Developed by Skullbot games, a studio brimming with former Guild Wars 2, City of Heroes, and Wildstar talent, Gone Viral is a top-down glimpse of life after the apocalypse. This maniacal new world needs entertainment and you’re going to give it to them in a cutting edge bloodsport. Populated by robots, mutants, and an unhealthy range of pointy weapons, Gone Viral is a battle for survival as you navigate your way out of a deadly prison arena. On the way, players will need to earn the admiration of the audience to buy their freedom. It’s like America’s Got Talent but less horrific. Battle your way through a range of potential obstacles with crazy combos, earning strands of the Mutation Virus. Slaughtering with style generates the carnage needed to Go Viral.

Gone Viral combines ridiculously over the top combat, stylized aesthetics, and a fast paced scenario that makes for an exciting experience every time you step into the ring. Each game includes a heavy rotation of roguelike mechanics. A range of mutations, weapons, and upgrades means that each fight for survival is different and the pinball physics means that you won’t stop until everything else drops.

Gone Viral is the first of three additions for Akupara Games in 2020. Spinch from Queen Bee Games; and Relic Hunters Zero from Rogue Snail join Jeremy Gaffney’s studio under Akupara’s umbrella. Developed by Canadian studio Queen Bee Games, Spinch is a strange psychedelic encounter that follows the adventure of a hyper agile creature that is out to rescue its offspring, on PC. Finally, Akupara is bringing Rogue Snail’s own Relic Hunters Zero to brand new platforms as well as taking over publication duties on Steam. If you are ready to explore the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis, while gunning down your enemies in a fun twin-stick shooter then you’ll want to join the Relic hunters.

Akupara is arguably quite enthusiastic about this line-up.

“2020 will be a huge year for us and our partners,” said David Logan, CEO of Akupara Games. “We are beyond thrilled to welcome all three of these unique, standout titles into the Akupara Games’ family, as these partnerships align with a goal of ours to release incredible games that anyone can enjoy.”

While there’s plenty here to get stuck into, we’re easily most excited about seeing the Gaffer’s return to our PC screens. Players interested in Gone Viral can sign up for a new round of Closed Beta Testing. Sign-ups are open right now and you can get into the ring by leaving your details on the official website. We’re still hunting down a date for the release but you can get a glimpse of the carnage in Gone Viral by checking out the trailer above or heading over to the official Steam page. Oh, and did wee mention Jeff Kurtenacker is even on musical duties? We’re a bit hyped.


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