GTA Online Invites You to Return to the Bunker for Halloween

GTA Online

While every week in GTA Online is packed with tons of fun and ways to earn big in-game bucks, it’s not every week that an awesomely spooky Halloween event makes its return. However, this is the week for those looking for some thrills and chills in time for Halloween in addition to other nefarious activities to participate in.

For Halloween, players can “slip into your most frightful attire” and “sharpen your Machete” to head to the themed Bunker Series. There is a triple treat of Slasher maps in the bunker, silo, and The Diamond. The treatment for all the madness is a whopping 3X GTA$ and RP!

Folks looking for even more chilling fun can head to the Halloween-themed Adversary Modes including Beast vs Slasher, Come Out to Play, Condemned, Lost vs Damned, and Slashers. Those who do will rake in 2x GTA$ and RP.

Edgy GTAO players hoping to add some spice to their in-game lives can check out peyote buttons reportedly growing “wild in the hills, mountains, and backyards of Los Santos”. The caveat is, however, that these tiny “treats” are psychoactive and should be devoured with caution.

Special Freemode Events will be running from now through October 28th and players can earn 3x the normal payout. Nightclub Daily Income rates have also been ramped up to 3x normal so it’s a great time to check those out as well.

From now through October 28th, players logging into the game will earn both the Orange Dot Tech Mask and the Lemon Sports Tracksuit.

Lastly, The Diamond Casino & Resort is inviting players to stop in for a spin of the Lucky Wheel. The top prize this week is the Annis S80RR as well as GTA$, RP, clothing, or other mystery prizes.

As always, a number of items are on sale including Nightclub properties, the RC Tank, Halloween-themed vehicles, and more. Prime members will want to grab their rewards as well for some sweet free loot.

Check out all of the details on the GTA Online official site.


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