Have a Blast in Paradise in Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena

EA and Final Strike Games are inviting all players to head into Rocket Arena to have a “Blast in Paradise” during a special limited-time event. Blast in Paradise is part of Season 1 and is expected to run from now through August 26th. Other events will be coming to Season 1 over the course of the next few months.

During Blast in Paradise, players will be able to take part in new challenges across new maps and through new game modes. Along the way, they can earn a variety of event-exclusive rewards and “join the next venue of the Rocket Championship Tour set in Blastbeard’s Tropical Paradise home region of Crater’s Edge”.

Rocketeers can traverse wrecked pirate ships settled in shallow waters in the Grand Harbor map, or test the waters in the foggy world of Lagoon of Doom. Crater’s Edge has secrets lurking around every corner, with a variety of key features and landmarks to stumble upon. There’s also plenty of free event rewards from Blastbeard’s Bounty, earned by logging into the event for consecutive days. 

While the event ends on August 26th, players will continue to be able to hang out in Grand Harbor and Lagoon of Doom due to their presence in matchmaking playlists and custom games.

Throughout the balance of today, players can also reap big XP rewards in the game thanks to a double XP boost through all game modes.

Check out the Rocket Arena official site to read up on more details.


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