High Hell is out now, get some

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High Hell, the cartoony, crazed, hyper-violent FPS from the Heavy Bullets guys is out now on Steam.  It’s got fine art (ahem), it’s got snappy AI (maybe), but it also has… guns! No seriously, this thing looks like a blast. Stay tuned for our review once we find a sucker willing to write it up.

From the press release:

Descend upon the criminal underground with the most blessed of shotguns and bring lethal salvation to those that have fallen from the light. Righteous fury and fancy footwork are crucial to surviving an escalating, absurd series of outlandish missions. Pop brainwashed chimps, deface corporate effigies and dismantle the business dealings of the unrepentant cartel in a vibrant remix of the classic first-person shooter.

“The market research team claims that High Hell is the highest testing game Devolver Digital has ever published with burning money and kicking monkeys as the primary drivers amongst millennials,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Fucking millennials.”

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