Honkai Star Rail – Take Advantage of Doubled Calyx Drop Rate

Honkai Star Rail - Take Advantage of Doubled Calyx Drop Rate

Developer HoYoverse has revealed that for a limited time Trailblazers will be able to take advantage of doubled drop rates from Calyx to deck out their characters. The event titled Garden of Plenty is now live and affects both the Golden and the Crimson Calyx.

  • When: July 10 to July 17
  • Requirements: Completion of Adventure Mission “Calyx (Golden): Bud of Memories”

During the Garden of Plenty event, beat Calyx (Golden) and Calyx (Crimson) challenges to receive double rewards. The number of daily double reward opportunities is limited. The total and remaining opportunities will be displayed on the Garden of Plenty event page. Double reward opportunities refresh daily at 04:00 (server time). Make sure to use them before they’re gone!

There are three Golden Calyx flowers, allowing you to farm for character experience, Light Cone experiences and credits. Meanwhile, there are seven Crimson Calyx instances, one for each character Path: Destruction, Preservation, Hunt, Abundance, Erudition, Harmony and Nihility. Note that to use up the entirety of this opportunity, you’d need to spend 120 Trailblaze Power.

If you have some under-leveled characters and Light Cones or would like to finish somebody’s Traces, there is no better opportunity for farm! If there is no one in your current party that requires immediate attention, consider pre-farming for the upcoming characters. During the special program livestream, HoYoverse revealed the contents of Version 1.2 banners. However, previously the team also hinted at who’s becoming playable in the near future.

Do you have your eyes set on Kafka or Blade? Or are you thinking of skipping for the sake of some upcoming character? Let us know in the comments below!

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