Tower of Fantasy – Simulacrum Trailer Ming Jing x Greatsword Onyx Tortoise

The developers of anime MMORPG Tower of Fantasy have shared a new simulacrum trailer dedicated to Ming Jing. The almost 7 minutes long video allows players to learn more about the character and see him in action. In battle he wields his signature greatsword Onyx Tortoise to slice and dice a horde of enemies.

“Ming Jing’s appearance is a turning point to the closed Domain 9. He started from nothing, but he familiarized himself with the environment and life in Domain 9 quickly, and mastered how to defeat the Darkness in just a few battles. But he is still the quiet kind and doesn’t like to talk about what’s on his mind. Let’s expect the new adventure with Ming Jing together!”

Ming Jing joins the roster of Domain 9 characters such as Liu Huo and Yu Lan on August 8th.


The events of Tower of Fantasy take place in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. The game boasts shared open-world, deep character customization, a variety of weapons, unique mounts and much more. People now struggle to restore hope, freedom, and order. And this is where you come in. What will be your choice at the crossroads of destiny?

Previously the developers have also shared the launch trailer for the PlayStation version of the game. The adventure for PS players will begin on August 8th.

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