Hunt down Philip Carlier in Red Dead Online this week

Red Dead Online

The latest and greatest Red Dead Online events and news are here for your reading pleasure. As with every week, there’s plenty to keep a cowpoke busy for a good long while.

The newest Legendary Bounty is none other than an embezzler and murderer named Philip Carlier. He is literally a swamp dweller and prefers to hang out in Lagras. It’s worth a hunter’s while to remember that Carlier prefers “dissociative chemicals” and is considered volatile and extremely dangerous. However, bringing in this dirty dog will net some serious rewards that make the danger worth facing.

With the approach of Halloween, everyone will want to check out some masks that are designed to “delight and terrify in equal measures”. There are the Freak Mask and the Swine Mask for those who prefer a more animalistic look.

Those who are playing Specialist Roles will net a free mask. Bounty Hunters will take home a variant of the Creature Mask. Traders get “an exclusive Swine Mask” while Collectors receive the Masquerade Mask.

Last of the mask news: Outlaw Pass players of Club Rank 10+ will receive a variation of the Freak Mask. Club Rank 20+ players will receive a special version of The Horror Mask. Lastly, those who play GTA Online before December 12th will unlock the Slaughter Mask.

To earn a bit of extra scratch, players can take part in a number of events to earn XP, XP Boosts, items and more.

Check out all out on the Red Dead Online official site.

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