It’s a Great Week to be a Red Dead Online Collector

Red Dead Online

It’s another great week for Red Dead Online players, especially those who have taken on the chosen role of Collector. This week is packed with bonuses, free stuff, discounts, and much more. So sit back and check out all of RDO’s goodies and then get crackin’, cowpoke!

Here’s what’s happening in RDO all week:

  • Collection Completion Bonuses are in effect and will net players 2,000 Club XP and an Offer for 40% off a Novice or Promising Collector Role Item
  • Players taking part in any A Land of Opportunities Missions will take home Double RDO$
  • This week’s Featured Series is Hardcore Gun Rush Teams. Win or lose, all players will earn Double XP
  • Discounts include 5 Gold Bars off the Collector’s Bag, 40% off all Pistols, Collector’s Maps, the Pennington Field Shovel, and the Metal Detector. Players can also take 30% off all Collector Role Outfits, the Rafferty Eyepatch, Double Bandoliers, and all Criollo Horses
  • Players managing to complete Collector’s Sets will earn Double RDO$ and XP for Sales
  • Collectors will earn Double Role XP for discovering Collectibles
  • All Collectors logging into the game will receive a free Collector’s Map
  • Prime Gaming Benefits before September 28th include a Reward for a free Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and an Offer for half off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item of choice

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to grab all the details.

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