Hyperbrawl Tournament Heats Up With Apple Arcade Update

Hyperbrawl Tournament, the intergalactic combat handball sim, gets a game changing update on Apple Arcade today.

The ultimate game of intergalactic handball gets an update on Apple Arcade today. Originally launched onto the handheld arena, this latest game changing update is designed to bring the beautiful and fast paced PvP experience that succeeded so well as part of Apple Arcade’s launch up to a new level for the small screen. Developer Milky Tea has confirmed that players entering the action today will find a whole raft of changes to Hyperbrawl Tournament, including the following:

  • A Brand New Private Match Mode and Friends Invite System – Allowing up to 4 friends to jump into an exclusive online game without the need to wait in lobbies.
  • Matchmaking Improvements – New recommended servers and server selection options, as well as 40+ re-engineered AI opponent teams to ensure players are no longer waiting for a game.
  • Game Centre Leaderboards and Achievements – Check in to see where you rank on the global leaderboards and which achievements to take down next.
  • New Hero and Arena – Rip Deadly, our 80s action hero inspired martial arts master enters the game along with his 80s Hong Kong neon arena.

With a bright neon glow and a bloody vicious streak, Hyperbrawl Tournament’s heroes can choose to bring a variety of weapons into the arena as they go toe to toe and try to put the ball in the opposition’s net. Outside of that one rule bashing heads and cracking skulls is all fair game. There basically are no rules. While that sound like all brute force and no skill, mastering the in game hyperforce to enhance your throws is as crucial as swinging a bat. Check out what we mean, and what’s coming up for Hyperbrawl Tournament in the Apple Arcade update in the trailer above or over on the official Apple Arcade website. For those that don’t have an iPhone, you can still jump into Hyperbrawl Tournament on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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