IKedit Shares WoW BFA E-sport Cinematic Mix 2020

Talented Machinima creator IKedit shared his new creation on Youtube: an epic WoW BfA E-sport Cinematic Mix featuring both the Mythic Dungeon International PvE challenge as well as Arena World Championship epic moments.

The Mythic Dungeon International (abbreviated as MDI) is a global program that pits the best Mythic Dungeon teams from across the world in a race to the finish line as the players take on the toughest bosses, trash packs and mechanics the expansion has to offer.

On the other side of this, Arena World Championship (AWC) pits the best players against each other in epic 3v3 battles.

This is not the first work of the author on WoW: previously IKedit created a series of MDI/AWC cinematics, popular machinimas such as Extinction and even recreations of older official cutscenes such as Sunwell and Wrathgate. You can find more of his creations by following the link to IKedit’s youtube channel provided above.

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