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A fun, familiar co-op shooting extravaganza
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Rainbow Six Extraction

January 20, 2022 will see the release of a new game from the association Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction. The first-person shooter assembles a team of 3 players to face the monsters. Archaeans – monsters that have arisen from nowhere and threaten to destroy humanity. It is our task is to prevent this spread. This is our Rainbow Six Extraction for PC review.

What is RS6 Extraction?

The basic mechanics of the game reminds us of the one already known for its destruction of walls, floors, physics, and shooting taken directly from Rainbow Six Siege. This game is a kind of PvE system in a standalone game – in “Extraction” operators have to infiltrate an alien-infested place and perform missions such as collecting samples, extracting materials from alien life, and collecting information about them.

Each game session, known as an “invasion”, consists of three interconnected sub-maps and players will be randomly assigned 3 random targets.

Rainbow Six Siege’s trademark – environmental destruction, is present in Extraction, but it’s not emphasized as much here. Especially when you consider that basically, you try to go through everything quietly, without attracting attention, until suddenly one enemy notices you and everything goes to hell.

A little about what is happening and how it started: “New Mexico. An unidentified Russian Soyuz capsule crashed and triggered an epidemic. Ground zero was the city of Truth or Consequences”.

But let us go back to the roots – in 2018, with the release of 2 operatives (Lyon and Finka – Operation Chimera), a mode with Operation Outbreak was also added, where it was said that some alien virus got into the bodies of local residents and caused mutations. In this mode, it was also necessary to assemble a team of 3 operatives and start cleaning up at the quarantine site. And now Ubisoft has created a completely separate game for this mode.

In this game, almost all the operatives from R6 itself are already waiting for us  – Finka, Hibana, IQ, Rook, Slenge and many others, and Ash, Thermite, and Mira are at the head of the organization, who through video inserts, tell you about progress, new technologies, and what is happening in general in the world after the invasion.

R6E 1

As for the regions, at the start, we will have 1 available region, and 3 others that open one after another, depending on the level of your account. In each region, 3 maps await you on which you will spend most of your time in this game. And yes, as for the design of the maps – they are very high quality and Ubisoft did an excellent job.

Also, if during the operation you fail to get out in time or “die”, you will lose the operative that you chose during the operation. Such a function does not work in a quick game (at least we did not notice). But if your companion survives, he will have the opportunity to take your body and save you.

Of course, there are items and abilities in the game that restore health, but they only add temporary hit points that slowly count down over time. Once you damage your main health bar, it will not disappear until the operation is completed. No matter how good this or that operator is, you cannot rely on him in every mission.

Let’s talk about the difficulty level – it does not depend on the level of your account. The game has 4 difficulty levels. You can go through the whole game and all locations on the first level of difficulty, but I will warn you – the enemies become more aggressive and attack you more often depending on the region. With a higher level, the tasks also change, and the game has the opportunity to kill the mission boss. High risk – high reward.


There are enough missions in this game: from cleaning the hives or eliminating especially dangerous individuals, to rescuing a civilian. By choosing a location, you get a randomly generated list of tasks consisting of 3 stages.

If you understand that you will not be able to survive or have failed the mission, then you have the opportunity to request an evacuation at any of the 3 zones, just go to the evacuation site and you will be taken to a warm house, where you will be cured and fed.

Speaking of bosses, the boss fight that my team faced was a pleasant surprise in this game. This is a “zombified” version of Siege, which has the classic set of moves: slow, sweeping attacks and punitive attacks that do not forgive hits. After we cleared two-thirds of his health bar, he moved into the second stage and the music from Dark Souls played softly in my head. I will not describe everything, but in short, we won in group 2, and to be honest, it was a very pleasant emotion.

R6E 2

Mission types and a small guide:

  • Specimen – Capturing a special kind of enemy. Your task is to find and not kill, but simply to attract the attention of this special Archaean and lead to the extraction point.
  • Nest Tracking – it is necessary to find nests in the zone to which you attach the beacon for subsequent reading of information from it, and then its self-destruction, look not to blow the nest up by accident.
  • Decontamination – the destruction of improved nests that react to damage to any of them and almost instantly summon new enemies.
  • Sabotage – Activate 2 destruction points and start defending them. You are given a certain amount of time to complete the task. Don’t let the enemy destroy them.
  • Shutdown – your task is to find the biological device of “Chimera”, and start bringing react balloons to it. Having taken these balloons , you need to activate them as soon as possible by inserting them into this bio device. Enemies around you will become even more active and will try to prevent this by any means, so it’s better to sneak up to it.
  • Hunt – The task of this mission is to destroy several small enemies that will activate the forces of the elite Archaean a little later, and after that your task is simply to destroy it.
  • Triangulation – when entering the location, you will start to hear a beep, being guided by it – find 3 separate scanning stations and activate them in order. Do not activate until you find all the stations otherwise you will run in circles.
  • Serial Scan – you need to find a catalyst with an emitter, which is located in the research area. After activating the device, you will need to protect it until the work is completed. Scan multiple areas to complete the job. The sound of the catalyst attracts enemies and they will certainly try to interfere with you. Be ready for it.
  • Biopsy – silently killing one or more Archaeans. The smoke or stun grenade will help you a lot in this mission.
  • Rescue – the usual salvation of a scientist or an individual important to humanity.
  • Gateway – you need to find a portal to go to another location in order to kill the boss – Proteus. Proteus reminds us of one of the operatives that is in the arsenal of the game. He has his own weapons and special ability in his arsenal so it does not seem very easy to you. There are also 3 stages of combat. Tip for this zone: if you have a low-level operative and you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to go straight to the evacuation. This way you won’t lose your operative and finish without losing any progress.
  • MIA Rescue – rescuing your own operator that you lost on previous missions. The task is very clear, but it is difficult to understand how it works the first time. Having found the operator, you will see that several “wires” stretch to his “capsule” and as soon as you make an attempt to pull him out of this capsule, your task is to destroy the attachment points and the “blobs of energy” that they send towards the capsule. Do it quickly and there will be no problems.

As you progress, you will additionally open an additional game mode – “Maelstrom Protocol”. This is an endless mode of passing all the missions, with changing operators, so just collecting the top 3 operators will not work.

R6E 3

Operatives their customization and improvements

R6E 4

Gradually, you unlock new operatives, as well as pump their level, and with each completed mission, you unlock weapons, technical improvements to their abilities, and of course, various skins for both operatives and weapons.

Yes, you read that correctly – in this game, there is no random drop of skins for weapons and operatives – everything is issued according to the level of the character and account.

In addition, you upgrade your account level, thanks to this, various devices are opened (mines, grenades, barriers, medicines, etc.). And yes, operatives and new regions come off only by completing additional tasks, which are different in each region, and the progress of the game in each region is considered from the completion of these tasks.

R6E 5


What is the code in this game? Codex – a knowledge base about various aspects of a given game, which contains all the information about the game. You can find information:

  • About the operatives that are present in this game. Their Biographies, or rather how they joined this operation to destroy the Archaeans.
  • About Archaeans – the types of nasty monsters that the game encounters and how to deal with them
  • About the “chimera” ecosystem and what was found about this system
  • About the React division
  • About the protocols of actions during the landing in the zone of infection

R6E 6

R6E 7


Extraction – a new game that was able to surprise and tighten me for a good amount of time. The game is interesting and brings pleasant emotions, especially if there is someone to play with. But will the game be interesting to people who play RS6 every day, and with my experience of playing RS6, I will say – yes.

Rainbow Six Extraction has a lot to offer, its game loop certainly makes it stand out among the most popular co-op shooters, but there are so many quality co-op zombie shooters like Back 4 Blood, GTFO, World War Z.

As I said before the game is interesting if you play with someone, but I’m sure that the game will get its popularity in casual games. Shooting, locations, monsters they are Archaeans are worked out and made at the highest level, the game lacks a little polish, but I’m sure that in less than a week after the release it will all be fixed.

And the most important indicator in such games is the difficulty, at first, you want to get higher and higher, but the game quickly punishes you for haste and inaccuracy.

It will take you about 40-60 hours to complete the game for 100% of the game, and this number depends only on you – because the less you die, the more experience you save and get operatives and equipment faster, and unlock new zones and more difficult modes. And also in this game, there will be a very nice promotion – Buddy Pass. You will be able to invite 2 friends to play with you for FREE for 14 days. And will also be available with PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from January 20th.

R6 E 8

Editor’s Note – This PC review was completed thanks to 3 keys provided by PR.

The game is interesting if you play with someone, but I'm sure that the game will get its popularity in casual games. Shooting, locations, monsters they are Archaeans are worked out and made at the highest level, the game lacks a little polish, but I'm sure that in less than a week after the release it will all be fixed.
  • Well-designed maps
  • Shooting and physics have stood the test of time
  • Interesting modes and types of enemies
  • Strongly tied to cooperative gameplay with the team and friends
  • Crossplay
  • Needs polish - broken animations, enemy spawn issues on some maps
  • What's coming in the long haul? No information available
  • One of many and what will make this one successful?

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