Imperatum – Magna Update Released

Imperatum Magna

Pro Social Games sent out a word that the long-awaited Magna update for their Sci-Fi Action RPG Imperatum is now out. The update includes new main character model, animations, and voiceovers, new mobs in Solas Desert & Volantis City and a different modular armor system.

Additionally, players can check out the improvements the team has worked on:

  • Improved weapon and skill handling and hit detection
  • Improved various animations and animation transitions
  • Expanded the utility of the options screen
  • The game went through balancing, that includes changes to the leash range, currency drops and more
  • Fixed a variety of bugs

You can find out more about Imperatum Magna through its Steam portal page. The game is currently in the Early Access phase.

We are at a point in development where we have a huge backlog of awesome features that could be added to the game but we want to get some player feedback as to what you like, what you feel is important, what we might be doing poorly, etc. This feedback will help us prioritize the years of work still in our backlog and present the content that players want to see as quickly as possible.

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